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PT-2 Concealment Holster

  • Image 1
  • PT-2 shown in outside the waistband carry position with casual clothing.
  • PT-2 concealed in casual clothing.
  • PT-2 worn inside the waistband with athletic clothing.
  • PT-2 in action!
  • PT-2 concealed with athletic clothing.
  • PT-2 worn inside the waistband with casual clothing.
  • PT-2 concealed with casual clothing.
  • The PT-2 fits YOUR lifestyle.
  • PT-2 shown in outside the waistband carry position with casual clothing.
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  • Image 12
  • Inside the PT-2 pouch.
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Similar in function to the PT-ONE, the PT-2 concealment holster is a single pouch version that utilizes a smaller footprint and narrower belt. Designed to be worn outside the waistband (OWB) or even inside the waistband (IWB) for concealed carry with casual dress or athletic apparel.  Although the pouch size can accommodate some full size semi-autos, the PT-2 concealment holster was designed to fit compact semi-autos or smaller revolvers. The PT-2 concealment holster is comfortable, lightweight, and can accommodate a variety of concealed carry positions.  Ambidextrous design. Extra magazine pouches available.  

  • Constructed utilizing premium materials and quality workmanship
  • The holster can not bounce when properly worn
  • Designed for concealed carry use with athletic apparel or casual dress
  • Designed for compact semi-autos and small revolvers
  • Standard belt band fits up to 40" waist; short belt band fits up to 30" waist (MEASURE WAIST SIZE. DO NOT USE PANTS SIZE)
  • The handgun is completely enclosed in pouch and does not touch skin
  • Very comfortable cushioned pouch area
  • Conformable yet stiff outer pouch wall insert to aid in protecting the handgun and eliminate printing
  • Not dependent on the user’s clothing
  • Perspiration barrier
  • Breathable belt
  • Lightweight design
  • Easily adjustable
  • Easy, noise-free access
  • Hand washable
  • Can fit any waist size when used with an accessory belt extension
  • Belt extension accessories are available in small (10” inch) or large (20”) pieces (sold separately)

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  1. Very functional 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2015

    I just received my holster yesterday. Instructions were easy to follow. I decided to try it out by running 3 miles. I had some concern on concealment, since I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. After strapping it nice and tight you couldn't tell it was there. I was carrying my 9mm sccy. It didn't bounce around at all. Forgot I was wearing it after awhile. The only time i had to adjust it was bending over to pick something up, the plastic plate in it doesn't bend much. You can't go wrong with this thing.

  2. 30y.o. disabled Army veteran in wheel chair and the Pt2 holster 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Jul 2015

    I am a veteran and disabled in a wheel chair most of the time I have began using a walker but mostly limited to wheel chair due to being paralyzed. Finding a holster for comfort while in a wheel chair is next to impossible or you have these people making mounts charging 70 dollars for just a mount then the holsters they are designed for cost an additional 80 bucks. The Pt2 for me can be worn with regular sports shorts comfortably or with regular pants or shorts with me in a sitting position I can even slide the holster to my side for a cross draw on my waist area comfortably. I have been stuck using a concealed carry tactical back pack for a year now so being able to conceal carry means my bag has to go with me. I have kids and a family so being able to carry is important and pt2 is the first holster to allow me to be comfortable light weight and just Carry freely within the wheel chair without worryin of having a bag with me or constantly readjusting something

  3. My go to for everything 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 12th Jul 2015

    I absolutely love this holster. It is comfortable, versatile and is everything I could want and more. I run 6 miles carrying a .380 and never know it is on. It doesn't print at all with loose fitting running clothes and barely prints with tighter fighting running attire. Since I run with an IPod or Phone for music most people think it is just a fanny pack to hold my IPod or phone. After 6 miles you are pretty sweaty but it is never uncomfortable and when I get home I rinse it and hang it up to dry - it is ready to go again. For comfort, convenience and wear there is non better. I have several holsters but this is my go to for everything from my Commander size .45s to my SR9C 9mm (they all fit. nicely) One note with a heavier weapon if you are wearing them OWB you will need to tighten the holster around your waist to be very snug. It will sag or drop down to the hip to rest from the weight of the gun and magazine(s) (PS - I have been using mine over 1 year and it looks just as good as the day I bought it)

  4. Very comfortable 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th May 2015

    Best holster i have..only holster i could find that works for walking and running. .very comfortable...my only gripe is that the snaps could be better.

  5. Perfection 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Mar 2015

    I saw this on the S&W site and knew I needed it. This holster has not let me down. Great for biking, walking, and other physical activities. Somehow I just knew a fellow veteran would do it right and you have with the PT-2. Thanks for an outstanding product. Hooah

  6. 100% 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Mar 2015

    I wrote this review after I've had it for over a month, I must say it is very good and versatile. I run with my g26 and I will tell you the only way I carry is at the ready chambered and ready to go, never had any issues only thing I will say is draw time is slow and you need to be careful when you put your hands inside the pouch. I also ran in the snow and slipped and fell hard my glock was loaded no issues "of course" ;) and the holster did pop off but the gun was intact and didn't fall out. I must admit i was surprised, can't beat the free shipping! Only downside is long distance runs it can be a bit tight on the waist.

  7. This is the perfect holster for women! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Jan 2015

    Love it! Works extremly well even on super long runs.

  8. Great for Bicycling 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Dec 2014

    I am an avid cyclist and generally get in 100-150 miles per week on either mountain bike trails or road biking. I tried several methods of CCW carry and all of them had issues with my weapon printing under my cycling gear. I have been using the PT2 now for about 6 months and cary either a Tarus PT738 or a Springfield XDS with a spare mag. It works great, it is very comfortable even for road biking and even my wife could not tell I was carrying with my Tarus. How it that for not printing !

  9. Comfortable Deep Concealment Holster 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Dec 2014

    As with most people that carry concealed on a daily basis I have a drawer full of various holsters. Let me tell you that this is probably one of the most comfortable that I own. This is also my goto holster when deep concealment is a concern. One of the nice things about this holster is that I can carry a variety of guns in it. From my KelTec P3AT, which is invisible in this holster, to my S&W M&P Shield, which is very well concealed, I am confident that my firearm will not be detected. I do use this holster with a variety of outfits. From shorts or jeans and a T-shirt to business casual or dress pants with a shirt and tie this holster conceals well and is very comfortable. After wearing this for about a year it has still held up very will. With all these great comments there is still a downside to this holster, and that is with the quickness in being able to access your firearm. I do use this for deep concealment, which means that I usually have my shirt tucked into my pants or shorts. With this set up it does make it difficult to quickly access the firearm. The other downside is that you need to be careful when drawing your firearm, since the firearm sits in a pouch with the trigger accessible when you reach for your firearm. Even with these two issues I still highly recommend this holster.

  10. I'm a runner 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Oct 2014

    I run or hike 5 to 10 miles daily and really like this holster. About two years ago it dawned on me that the only places I didn't carry were the ones where I needed to most. During my runs I take bicycle trails which have a mugging story every two or three months. Or I pass through neighborhoods that could be described as slightly shady. I also often run after dark. I'm a 200 lbs male but that wouldn't stop our local thugs. They tend to work in teams. I've actually been attacked by off leash dogs.

    I tried three other athletic type belly band holsters. One being the PT-One sister product of the PT-2. I liked the PT-One but it just felt too big for me to comfortably run with. If you want to carry a larger frame pistol I'd go with the PT-One. The other two didn't hold up in comfort or quality.

    I carry a Glock 42 (used to carry a Glock 26 or Ruger LCR) in it daily for workouts. I carry one extra mag in a pouch, my iPhone in the smartphone pouch (I don't use earphones) and my CCW in between the plastic wall and the padding . It's very comfortable and since I live in an open carry state I don't bother trying to cover it up. It would be easy to conceal though. Most people just think it's an athletic sport pouch carrying super secret workout monitoring equipment or some sort of superman protein bars anyway, it doesn't look like a holster. It does print though and I know some people recognize it for what it is. I wear it extremely tight around my waist to keep the bouncing to a minimum.

    I have two gripes and both aren't really related to the holster but addressing them made carrying while running much more pleasant for me.

    1. My Glock 26 was a little heavy/think for long runs even in this holster so I'd recommend a smaller workout pistol or to use the PT-One. The Ruger LCR worked better but I still prefer the PT-2 with a smaller thinner pistol.

    2. I really didn't like the idea of having a loaded Glock (or Ruger) with one in the pipe bouncing up and down as I run. I'm sure it is safe but I wasn't comfortable with the idea so I purchased an additional Minimal Inside Carry (MIC) holster (just covers the trigger and trigger guard) and dummy corded it to the PT-2 belt. That way if I draw the MIC will pull off the trigger guard. I've practiced and it doesn't add any time to the draw. Speaking of drawing, this is not a quick draw holster and never will be. Practice to get as fast as you can. If you don't know what a MIC holster is Google it. Make sure you get one that can be dummy corded to the belt.

    I've used the PT-2 since the beginning of February and it's held up well. With all of the use I expect to wear at least one out per year. I replace my running shoes every two months and they're way more expensive then a PT-2. I just made the holster part of my necessary workout equipment.

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