1. Which holster is best for waist carry? You have several models that fit my handgun.

The best choice depends on your application. The PT-ONE, PT-2 and Trump Card holsters each allow for waist carry. The PT-ONE and PT-2 holsters carry the handgun in a diagonal/canted position that allows for a full range of hip movement with activities such as running. The Trump Card holsters carry the handgun in a typical vertical orientation. All of these holsters can be worn with any style of clothing. The PT series of holsters generally work better in applications that involve a lot of bouncing (such as running).


2. Are your PT series holsters for running only?

No. The PT series of holsters was designed to be extremely comfortable and prevent bouncing. These desirable characteristics lend themselves well to general everyday applications where comfortable carry around the waist is the goal.


3. Do your soft holsters have any additional protection for the handgun?

Yes. All of our holsters have a rigid outer wall that eliminates printing concerns and adds protection to the handgun. This is accomplished while still retaining the comfortable nature of our soft holster design.


4. It is very hot where I live. What about sweat when wearing the holster directly against the skin?

All of our holsters were designed to be worn directly against your skin. There is a perspiration barrier located between the user's body and the handgun pouch. Moisture will not pass directly from your skin through the pouch wall. However, the belt band section is vented to reduce heat buildup and increase comfort.


5. How do your holsters fasten?

Our holsters fasten with snap buttons that prolong the life of the holsters. The holsters are sized with a stretchable Velcro-style fastener that allows the user to get that perfect fit for their body.


6. What holds the weapon in the holster?

The weapon is retained in the holster by a combination of the pouch tension generated by the holster design and a magnetic pouch closure strap.


7. Can I run with the Trump Card holster?

Unlike the PT series of holsters, the Trump Card holster holds the firearm in a vertical configuration (similar to traditional on-duty style holsters). This configuration may interfere with hip movement when running and can be less comfortable in the groin area when running. However, with small subcompact firearms this is generally not a problem. The Subcompact and MINI Trump Card holsters can be used for running when a small handgun is carried. The Trump Card holsters have perspiration resistant pouches and breathable belt bands.


8. Other than the capability to carry larger handguns, what is the difference between the PT-ONE and the PT-2?

The PT-ONE has the following additional features:

  • a wider belt band which can increase the comfort
  • an integrated extra magazine pouch

9. Do you offer a military or law enforcement personnel discount?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount to these personnel as verified by an email or ship-to address.


10. Are your holsters washable?

Yes. All of our holsters can be hand washed only and allowed to drip/air dry.


11. My right handed PT-ONE holster has the extra magazine pouch on the right side? Is that correct?

Absolutely. The extra magazine pouch is located around the front of your waist with the PT-ONE holster. Placing it on the right side allows the pouch to extend onto the belt band and therefore carry longer firearms (and keep the size of the holster to a minimum). The magazine can be easily retrieved with your left hand because the magazine pouch is located at the front of the waist (instead of the side of the waist).


12. I would like more information on becoming an authorized Pistol Wear dealer. What do I do?

Please send all Pistol Wear dealer related inquiries to sales@pistolwear.com