About Pistol Wear

Pistol Wear was started with a vision to make holsters that would allow an everyday citizen to carry a concealed handgun comfortably, including while performing activities such as jogging or wearing clothing such as athletic clothing or medical scrubs.  At that time, there were no products available that were purposely designed to accomplish this.  In addition, we wanted to develop a holster that could be worn for everyday carry in the workplace with comfort as the top priority.

We have remained committed to these ideas.  In a market where there are hundreds of holsters and excessive hype with all kinds of claims, trying to be everything to everyone, we have remained focused.

We created the standard and trailblazed the market for an activity-based holster. Our words have been copied and used throughout the industry. Our competitor's products fall short of the quality and performance of our products. Quality will always cost more.