Lady Defender Concealment Holster


The first Pistol Wear concealment holster that was designed specifically for women. The Lady Defender concealment holster was designed for waist carry but can also be carried higher on the torso, including under the arm. Thoughtfully designed with a refined texture, embroidery, and subtle lacing, this versatile holster for concealed carry can be worn with casual, athletic, or professional dress attire. This soft, cushioned concealment holster is very comfortable and includes a multi-location, adjustable support strap that can be used if the holster is worn higher up on the body. Available for right hand only.

  • Constructed utilizing premium materials and quality workmanship
  • Semi-rigid outer wall to protect the handgun
  • Perspiration barrier and Breathable belt
  • Will accommodate a trigger guard mounted laser
  • Standard length belt band fits sizes up to 46 inches; Shortened length belt band fits sizes up to 36 inches
  • Right Handed model supports right hand draw when worn around the front of your waist, at the side of your trunk or under your left arm
  • Fits semi-autos (up to 6.5 inches in overall length) and snub nose revolvers
  • Belt extension accessories are available to fit larger waists (sold separately
  • Extra magazine pouch accessories are available (sold separately) 
Price: $49.95