Trump Card MINI Concealment Holster


WAIST CARRY OR UNDERARM CARRY! The versatile concealment holster for men or women. Designed for casual, athletic or professional dress attire. This soft, cushioned holster was designed for under arm carry, inside the waistband (IWB) carry or outside the waistband (OWB) carry. The Trump Card MINI concealment holster is very comfortable and it includes an optional multi-location adjustable support strap that can be placed anywhere to achieve the most comfortable fit. Available in right or left hand versions. 

  • Constructed utilizing premium materials and quality workmanship
  • Ideally suited for business attire or casual wear
  • Fits subcompact handguns less than 5.25 inches in length (S&W Bodyguard 380, Ruger LCP, etc.)
  • Will accommodate a trigger guard mounted laser
  • Right Handed model supports right hand draw when worn around the front of your waist, at the side of your trunk or under your left arm
  • Standard length belt fits sizes up to 46"; Shortened length belt fits sizes up to 34"; Petite length belt fits up to 27" (MEASURE WAIST and CHEST SIZE. DO NOT USE PANTS SIZE)
  • Rigid outer wall to protect the handgun
  • Perspiration barrier
  • Breathable belt
  • Belt extension accessories are available to fit larger waists (sold separately) 
Price: $44.95

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    Posted by Therese Schmidgall on 18th Aug 2018

    The first time I wore this holster I put on at 8 am and didn't take it off until 11 pm - I forgot I had it on! It is so comfortable! It stays put, holds gun securely. Great for concealment! Highly recommend! I have worn mine for 5 years now (it is my favorite) and still looks like new.

  2. comfortable! 5

    Posted by Mama on 18th Aug 2017

    I got this for my Glock. This is even comfortable in the heat of AZ, and protects the gun, and magazine from sweat, is durable and so comfortable, I have fallen asleep wearing it! The stiff insert protects the gun and trigger guard. (I did not fall asleep with a round champered) I have worn it all day,shopping, and driving a stick shift traveling 400 miles one time, and I did not even notice it!. I like that I can adjust it to wear with yoga pants, shorts, dresses, and the only one who nitices it is my family who know I carry. I love that it has accessaries that I can choose to use or not, and that with the addition of an extender, even my guys can borrow it! I am going to buy another one next month for a new Taurus I am going to puchase. The one I already have will fir my SCCY also.

  3. Finally a Perfect Holster 5

    Posted by Rick Taber on 1st Jun 2017

    I picked up the Trump Card Mini at a local shop hoping that I would find a good all around holster for my lcr. Simply put this is it!!!. Holds the gun well, fits perfect and I seriously cannot tell its there. I will be placing an order today for one to fit my G23. Good job guys.

    Only complaint I may have had is that it has taken me 10+ years to find you. You would have saved me lots of money in holster purchases had I been found you earlier.

  4. Best. Holster. Ever. 5

    Posted by TC in WV on 7th Nov 2016

    Wow. This is the *most* comfortable holster I have ever worn. I read the other reviews on this site and I was cautiously optimistic when I made my purchase, but frankly I was afraid to get my hopes up. I don't even want to think about how much $$ I've thrown away trying to find a concealed carry solution that was comfortable. This thing is the BEST. When I read the other reviews where people were saying "Oh I just forget I'm even wearing it", I thought 'yeah, right.' But it absolutely true. This thing is so comfortable that after a short while, you really can forget you're wearing it. I've worn it all day, 8+ hours, in the summer, and it's still comfortable. I will say that after around 13 or 14 hours, I do remember it's there and I'm ready to take it off but that's true of pretty much anything. So far I've only tried it with my smallest pistol, the Bodyguard. I plan on getting another one for my Glock so I'm anxious to see if it still feels as comfortable with a slightly bigger gun. (I'm betting it will!)

    I've tried a dozen different options at least -- Fobus, handmade leather, other belly bands, etc. They don't even come close. Here's what I see as the 2 biggest differences between the Pistol Wear Trump Card holsters and other (sort of ) similar belly bands: 1. Material. Other belly band holsters I've tried are stiff, scratchy, and allow no ventilation. The Pistol Wear Trump Card Mini band is soft, flexible, and breathable. 2. Size. The PWTC is about 3" wide. The other belly band holsters are at least 5" or 6", if not more. I'm a fairly short (5'4) woman with a really short torso. In order to have my weapon low enough to draw, I practically have to wear those other belly bands like a mini skirt. Not comfortable!

    Bottom line, if you're thinking about buying this holster -- just do it! You will not be disappointed. I've had my CCW for many years, but frequently had to opt for off-body carry because it was so hard to carry concealed at all, let alone to do so comfortably. Thank you, Pistol Wear, for making such a great product!

  5. Flexible carrying! 5

    Posted by Linda on 11th Jul 2015

    I love my Trump Card mini holster. I walk the beach early in the morning and hate to have to wear pants with a belt for a regular holster. I almost don't know the trump card is there. I use the cell phone case as well. The belt is so comfortable I don't feel overheated with it, and I tend to run hot!

  6. Primary Carry 5

    Posted by Jim on 16th Feb 2015

    This mini holster works great with my LCP. The comfort is outstanding and it supports multiple carry locations. The sub mag pouch works great to carry my extra mag or my ID and permit when I am with out pockets. Very pleased with this holster.

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