Accessories to Keep in (or Pair with) Your Running Holster

27th Apr 2021

Being prepared takes foresight. It’s worth your while to do your research upfront and choose a running holster that is well-designed for that job. Holsters like our PT-ONE and PT-2 Concealment Holsters are ideal for that. They are made of high-quality materials, feature premium construction, will not roll, bounce, flop, or shift when properly worn, and will not print the firearm you carry.

The running holster itself is not the only thing you need to prepare before you head out on the trail. You also must choose a firearm and you must practice with that firearm. In order to become a responsible gun owner, you must observe firearm safety and be prepared.

But there is more you can do besides practicing with your chosen firearm and pairing it to a well-designed, purpose-built holster. You can further prepare yourself by bringing along, or utilizing, some of the following accessories before you leave the house.

1.A tactical light

Some handguns can accept tactical mounts that enable you to mount a light, such as under the barrel or attached to the trigger guard. Some handguns have a rail under the barrel which gives you additional mounting options. You can also contact us to figure out whether the outfitting will be compatible with our holsters.

As to the value of a light, there is much that can be said. For one thing, a low light encounter, especially outdoors and away from home, can be jarring. Having a light paired with your handgun will provide extra illumination and increase your ability to process visual information. Additionally, some models of tactical strobe lights can be disorientating to a would-be attacker.

2.A laser sight or reflex optic

You could consider adding a reflex or red dot sight to the top of your slide or attaching a laser to your trigger-guard. Both of these designs have advantages that can serve you well in high-stress scenarios.

Both reflex sights and laser sights free you from the need to line up iron sights to acquire and connect with your target. They reduce time-to-target acquisition and also provide you with a completely clear and open sight picture. A laser sight will enable a sort of “point-and-shoot” reflex that is not possible with other sights. When time is of the essence, either of these accessories can serve you very well.

3.Upgrading to night sights (such as tritium sights)

If you’re not interested in utilizing a tactical light, a reflex sight, or laser sights, then you might want to consider night sights or tritium sights. Tritium sights and other glowing sights serve a few functions; for one, they do not reveal your location, if you believe that to be an advantage. Some gather light well in low light situations whereas others simply glow faintly in the dark. You still must line up your sights to produce an accurate shot, but in the dark, sights like these can give you a big advantage.

4.Carrying a spare mag

Carrying a spare loaded magazine is something that you should consider when using your running holster or simply carrying a firearm. In some scenarios, it can mean the difference between an empty chamber and a click and another round; it can save your life.

Our PT-ONE is already designed with a pouch for a spare magazine. As for some of our other holsters, like our PT-2, though they are not designed with an integral spare mag compartment, you can easily add a spare magazine pouch to the setup; they’re available in our collection of holster accessories.

5.Bring your phone along

Our collection of accessories also includes pouches designed for smartphones, and your phone is something you should absolutely always bring along with you on the trail. Sometimes your ability to reach help is as big of an asset as carrying a weapon for personal protection, and your phone is vital for that; take it with you.

Looking for more information on our collection of holsters? Interested in consulting us for more advice on what handgun you should carry, and what you should carry with it? We’re never more than a call away at 1-918-289-2976. Give us a call today and we’ll assist in any way that we can.