Beyond The Belly Band Holster

11th Mar 2020

Re-Inventing The Waistband Holster

Many self-defense minded citizens practice concealed carry and good situational awareness habits to help avoid or prepare for potential confrontations. There are many law enforcement officers who practice concealed carry to help prevent them from becoming the victim of off duty targeted attacks. Many civilians practice their constitutional right to carry to prevent themselves from becoming victims of criminals who might take advantage of those they see as unarmed, soft targets.

Whether you are reading this for yourself or with someone else in mind, know there are many solutions for making concealed carry practical. Some of them are more useful in certain situations than others, which is why this article will detail significant improvements to traditional belly band holsters to bring you our highly acclaimed PT-ONE and PT-2 Concealment Holsters.

A belly band holster can be worn with athletic apparel so it is well suited for active pursuits. A typical belly band holster is basically an elastic band that fits around a person’s midsection for the purposes of concealing a handgun. There are now many styles and configurations available ranging from the extremely basic to some providing a capability to carry additional magazines. A high quality, purpose built belly band holster like the models offered by Pistol Wear can solve some of the problems faced by people running or working outside who have a need to carry a concealed handgun. So who would want one, and why?

Primarily, anyone who is involved in outdoor activities like running or hiking, or otherwise is outdoors wearing light clothing might have a need for a purpose built belly band holster for the specific benefits it offers.

Think of what people will be wearing when they’re on the street or the trails, particularly running. Usually, anyone who is outside running on the road or a trail is going to be wearing athletic clothing. In general, wearing athletic clothing makes concealment impractical with other holster solutions. Most hip holsters would be readily visible and the waistbands on light athletic clothing would not hold up the holster. Any situation in which concealment is revealed, either through the printing of the firearm or through the conspicuity of the holster, becomes an unacceptable risk to the carrier.

A purpose built belly band holster can be an asset to those who need to practice concealed carry on the go or when in lightweight clothing. Unlike traditional belly band holsters, Pistol Wear holsters fully enclose the handgun in a pouch and have a rigid outer wall so they will not print a firearm, increasing the level of concealability. In addition, unlike traditional belly band holsters, Pistol Wear holsters protect the firearm and the trigger to prevent accidental discharges.

One potential benefit of belly band holsters is that they feature a very accommodating design that makes it very easy to carry a variety of guns. Most leather and Kydex holsters have to be sized to fit a specific gun.

A problem with typical belly band holsters is the fact that they don’t offer a barrier between your firearm and moisture. In addition, the common elastic holsters do not breathe and they can stay wet. They may allow sweat to freely contact the gun and this can present a specific burden to gun owners. Over time, the perspiration can cause corrosion on the gun. The result is that the owners need to frequently clean their guns after carrying them in a basic belly band when performing activities.

Basic belly band holsters expose a large portion of the handgun grip. A user’s clothing can catch on the grip when using a basic belly band holster, presenting an opportunity for printing the handgun. However, Pistol Wear holsters completely enclose the handgun and as such they are not subject to this liability.

A common short-coming of typical elastic belly band holsters is that they can roll down around the edges and become uncomfortable.

A belly band holster that rolls down while in use is an inconvenience. Basic belly bands allow the handgun to touch your skin, becoming uncomfortable. The exposed grip is prone to jabbing the user in the torso, especially when changing positions.

Making Significant Improvements To A Practical Concept
At Pistol Wear, we have re-invented the belly band holster concept to the point that it has become a go-to method for everyday concealed carry. We have created an ideal belly band holster. This holster style will fit any body size and does not depend on clothing. We have created a comfortable holster that accommodates many different handguns, mitigates the effects of sweat and protects the firearm within. Our holsters do not print or bounce while running. And finally, unlike traditional belly bands, we have created a holster that is built for durability. Our unique designs incorporate a Velcro style fastener to allow for easy sizing in addition to utilizing snaps to make putting the holster on a simple process. This greatly extends the life of the holster system.

Introducing The PT-ONE and PT-2 Concealment Holsters
Our PT-ONE concealment holster is our largest model, suitable for individuals with larger frames and for carrying large pistols. It is made of high-quality materials to hold your handguns securely and fit you perfectly while standing up to years of concealed carry and active living.

This model contains an extra pouch for a magazine that is separate from the main compartment so the magazine and firearm will not contact each other. The PT-ONE features a stiff outer pouch wall that protects the handgun and prevents the holster from printing the gun. It offers the highest degree of concealment available in this type of holster.

As we stated previously, our holsters are designed so that the handgun does not touch the user’s skin. In addition, your handgun is protected from sweat by a perspiration barrier and the holster band is breathable. So, unlike many other models on the market, this holster is designed to help keep perspiration at a minimum while at the same time protecting your firearm from the damaging influence of excess moisture.

Our PT-ONE holster will not roll down nor will it bounce when it is worn properly. With a PT-ONE you can carry a handgun for protection while you are out running, hiking, camping or otherwise busy outdoors.

Lastly, unique to Pistol Wear holsters, our PT-ONE holster incorporates our previously mentioned rugged snap system to fasten the holster. A Velcro style fastener is used only for sizing and thus the holster fastening system will provide years of solid service.

Built with the same features as the PT-ONE, minus the integrated magazine carrier, we designed our smaller PT-2 holster for compact handguns. This holster is ambidextrous and can be used in conjunction with extra magazine pouch accessories that can be placed anywhere along the belt band. You can expect that either of these holsters will afford you a convenient concealed carry solution for active living that is purpose-built for activity.

The PT-ONE and PT-2 Concealment holsters are ideal for those who need concealed carry solutions to work with their active lifestyles so they never have to be without the protection of their firearm. At Pistol Wear, we are committed to providing you this same level and commitment to quality in all of our products. Take a look here at our collection of holsters, including our PT-ONE and PT-2 and here at our accessories, and if you have any questions at all about our products, give us a call at 918-289-2976 or email us at