Should You Get a Holster for Running?

19th Jan 2021

Those who practice concealed carry know the value of being prepared. Being prepared to protect life and limb when the chips are down and practicing general, basic preparedness is a goal of many responsible gun owners.

To some, part of preparedness is practicing concealed carry. Concealed carry has its benefits; it allows you to maintain the elements of discretion and surprise, while at the same time giving you the peace of mind that you are equipped to handle undesirable situations.

In order to carry a concealed handgun effectively, you need to have a holster that is well-equipped for the job. An unfortunate truth regarding this is that while there are many - many - fine concealed carry holsters out there, there are precious few that are well designed for runners. Many athletes go with models like belly band holsters for running, but these may lack necessary security features.

With that in mind, here are some of the best reasons to get a holster for running - that is, one that was purposefully designed with athletes and their needs in mind.

1.Be consistent in your preparedness

Preparedness never takes a break. There’s no point in trying to be conscientiously prepared if you aren’t consistent with it. The point is to be ready all the time because unforeseen dangers are just that, unforeseen.

The idea here is that if you practice concealed carry when you are going about your day, either being at work or while shopping or running errands, but fail to be prepared when you pursue athletic or recreational activities, then you really were never prepared in the first place.

You’re most at risk when you let your guard down and if you fail to plan for unforeseen circumstances then you are planning to fail. Additionally, runners and joggers, especially females, are targeted with enough frequency that it justifies carrying a concealed handgun. The time when you are arguably at your most vulnerable is the time that you should most make it a priority to be prepared.

This is probably the most defensible reason for procuring a gun holster for running that is purpose built to offer security and comfort when you are pursuing recreational or athletic activities. As previously mentioned, many concealment holsters are well designed for discretion and practical access, but not well designed for running.

2.Expect the unexpected

Obviously, while you are running, whether you are running in a populated area after dark or just running in broad daylight down a rural lane, you’re going to want to protect yourself from those who would wish you harm. Although harm should not be expected, you are preparing for the unexpected. Moreover, human-based hazards are not the only ones that runners may experience on the trail. In less developed areas, attacks from wild and domestic animals constitute a portion of the dangers that runners and joggers face on a regular basis.

There have been enough reports of escaped or aggressive dogs attacking runners to justify seeking-self protection. At the same time, every so often one hears about the risks that runners out west face from large predators like mountain lions or bears. Enough runners have been attacked by mountain lions alone to warrant a weapon for protection in these areas. In these areas having a holster for running would be a good step toward being prepared.

3.Practice responsibility

Practicing concealed carry conscientiously is your duty as a responsible, safety-minded gun owner. Carrying while you run can even increase your situational awareness and cause you to be more cautious, if only for the fact that you understand the responsibility that carrying a firearm brings.

You should not let your mind wander and instead you should keep your attention keenly focused on your situation and surroundings. It’s just another way for you to practice responsibility and keep your senses tuned, especially if you haven’t ever carried while engaged in running or other athletic activities before.

4.Your other holster (if you have one) won’t work

Here’s one of the best reasons to get a holster for running, specifically, and that is that your other holster won’t work. Chances are that if you’re reading this, you already carry a gun. Therefore, you’re not looking for a justification for concealed carry, but rather, you are looking for the right holster for the application at hand.

Finding the right holster is something that all who carry concealed need to determine before they step out into the public with a concealed handgun. Utilizing a holster that safely and securely retains the firearm is an absolute necessity, especially when running. While you may already have a preferred holster for concealed carry, there’s a very good chance that it won’t be practical for running.

Other concealed carry holsters that are billed as quickdraw holsters are often not safe because although they may purposely secure the firearm while you are not engaged in physical activity, they typically don’t work well for concealed carry during running activities. Other typical concealed carry holsters attract attention terribly when worn under athletic clothing and running shorts. It’s not concealed carry anymore if the holster prints itself or the firearm.

In addition, and worst of all, a lot of other concealed carry holsters that are generally suitable and safe will not stay put on your body when you are running. Some of them will roll, bounce, slap against your body, or shift as you run with them, which gives away the holster and is also generally unsafe and uncomfortable.

If you want to safely practice concealed carry while running, then a holster that is purposely built for running is imperative. Your other holster, while it might be your favorite, just probably won’t be well adapted to the task.

5.But the opposite is not true

However, what’s great about a gun holster for running is that while it will be well suited to jogging, running, and other activities, it is also well suited to other activities, including those in which you will be dressed in typical casual attire.

While other holsters aren’t well suited for running, running holsters are well designed for other purposes, with a few exceptions. That is, if you get a holster for jogging, it just may become your new preferred pick for everyday carry too.

Plus, once you see what we have to offer in our online store, you’ll quickly realize that Pistol Wear makes comfortable, practical choices for all types of concealed carry situations.

Is a Belly Band Holster for Running Adequate?

A lot of runners, both men and women, have used belly band holsters for running, but these have their own problems. The benefit of this choice is their slim profile that is easy to conceal beneath athletic clothing.

However, while belly band holsters for running may look attractive at first sight, there are a lot of problems with most of them. For one thing, they tend to be made from a thin fabric that could print the gun outright, in addition to not securing it adequately. In addition, any thin belly band holsters that allow you to feel the trigger through the material are inherently unsafe.

In addition, typical belly band holsters tend to roll or bounce when you run or walk, even when you wear them as they are intended to be worn. In addition, the fabric does not breathe and they tend to be uncomfortably sweaty. In short, typical belly band holsters do not make the grade.

If a belly band holster for running does not work, what, then, should you look for?

What to Look for

If you’ve come to the realization that a gun holster for running is a worthwhile investment, and it is if you run, then you just need to settle on a few points to look for in a holster. Consider the following when evaluating any holster, including those in our collection of gun holsters.

1.Quality materials

In order for a holster to provide you with any of the benefits listed above, it has to be made from premium quality materials and held to a high standard of quality control. All of our holsters, including our PT-ONE and PT-2 holsters which are well suited for running, jogging, bike riding, and other athletic activities, are made with only the finest quality, ultra-premium materials. They are also designed for an excellent fit and finish and to provide a comfortable experience, whether you’re wearing them throughout the whole day or only when you hit the trail.

2.Retention and security

A running holster that secures the firearm adequately is critical, as it is critical in every carry scenario, even those in which you wish to have quick access to your firearm. When you’re running, retention and security are as important if not more so, for reasons that don’t even need to be explicitly stated.

Both of the holsters mentioned above, being our PT-ONE and PT-2 Concealment Holsters fully enclose the firearm in a compartment, preventing the firearm from touching your skin. In addition, they both feature a rigid outer wall that protects the firearm, prevents printing, and also prevents accidental access to the trigger.

In addition to these levels of security, neither of these holsters will roll, bounce, or migrate on your body when you wear them properly, which is an added level of protection. They stay where you put them and secure the firearm in that location, all the while increasing your discretion.


In addition to these features, adjustability is a legitimate concern with a gun holster for running. Really, it’s an important concern with any holster designed for concealed carry, but with runners, what fits while you’re stationary might not work when you’re running.

Our PT-2 is designed to offer the benefits and adjustability of our PT-ONE but on a smaller scale and is ideal for smaller framed individuals. In addition, both of these models can be adjusted. They can even be configured to fit the largest waists with belt extensions offered for sale at Pistol Wear.

This feature of adjustability makes it much more practical for many different individuals to practice concealed carry while engaged in activities of various natures, including running.

4.The ability to add accessories

While it isn’t an absolute necessity to find a running holster that gives you the ability to add accessories, it doesn’t hurt either. In fact, it can make you even better prepared.

For example, our PT-ONE Concealment Holster comes with an integrated magazine pouch so you can carry a spare loaded mag if you want the extra peace of mind.

In addition, we also offer accessory pouches that are ideal for carrying your IDs, smartphone, sub-compact mags, and standard-sized magazines. The standard magazine pouch can be worn horizontally or vertically while the subcompact mag can only be carried vertically.

5.Bells and whistles (although some wouldn’t call them bells and whistles)

In addition to these features mentioned above that are exhibited by our PT-ONE and PT-2 Concealment Holsters, they also offer some extra benefits that we haven’t covered yet.

For one thing, when you’re running or otherwise engaged in physical activity, you’re likely to work up a sweat. Both of the models mentioned above come with a breathable belt to help keep you cool and comfortable.

Also on that note, both of these models come with a perspiration barrier built into them. We already mentioned that the firearm will not contact your skin, but the integrated perspiration barrier will help minimize the moisture and salt contact with your handgun that could cause flash rust and other problems.

These models are also remarkably comfortable, with a well-cushioned pouch area so you will stay comfortable even when you’re very active. Consult the product pages listed above for more information on our unique concealment holsters.

Are you interested in learning more about the finer points of what makes a holster valuable for running or for other pursuits? Do you have questions on our products based on what we’ve shared here and what you can find on the product pages? If so, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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