Breaking Down a Purpose-Built Gun Holster for Running

10th Feb 2021

gun holster for running can be considered a necessity, at least for those who exercise outdoors and who carry a firearm for protection. Carrying only some of the time defeats the purpose; you should be most prepared when you are most vulnerable. That means not leaving your protection behind.

The firearm industry has been plagued by impractical and low-quality versions of belly band holsters that sound good or appear good in pictures, but then fall short in so many areas of practicality. Carrying a gun during physical activities like hiking, biking, or running demands a purpose-built holster for the job. That’s what you’ll find in a model such as our PT-ONE Concealment Holster which possesses the following attributes:

1.Our holster completely encloses the firearm, preventing skin contact with the handgun. All other things being equal, the more of the firearm that is protected by the holster, the safer the design will be. Security is always paramount. When running there will be forces exerted on the design of a holster that would not be present while engaged in other activities. For a gun holster for running, complete coverage of the handgun is a value-added design feature that boosts both safety and user comfort.

2.Large enough for full-size handguns and contains a compartment for a spare magazine: The PT-ONE is capable of holstering handguns that are up to 9.5 inches in overall length. This means it will accommodate many styles of popular handguns for concealed carry. It may not be practical for concealing a Super Redhawk with a 13-inch barrel, but it is useful for most popular handguns including variants of Glocks, Springfield XDs, 1911s, and all S&W M&P Shields just to name a few Basically, if it is a popular carry handgun, it can be carried in the PT-ONE.

3.The holster is comfortable and adjustable (we even sell belt extensions to fit larger waisted people): The PT-ONE features a very comfortable design that is adjustable and can be easily worn as an OWB holster around the waist. Other Pistol Wear holsters like our Lady Defender Concealment Holster are more suited towards walking than running but they can be worn higher on the body if you prefer.

4.Does not roll, bounce or flop when worn properly, even during periods of strenuous movement: One of the most important design features of our PT-ONE Concealment Holster is that, when it is secured and adjusted properly, it will not roll, bounce or flop.

Holsters that do not stay in one place on the body through the course of physical activity will give themselves away. In addition, this is an uncomfortable circumstance that most practitioners of concealed carry want to avoid.

5.The PT-ONE has a rigid outer wall to protect the handgun and prevent it from being seen: This is integral to the design of the PT-ONE and it protects the handgun from damage and from making contact with things outside the holster. It also makes it nearly impossible to detect the firearm with a visual inspection, enhancing the holster’s value for concealment.

6.The holster incorporates a perspiration barrier: The PT-ONE contains a breathable belt and a perspiration barrier which provides two very user-friendly functions. For one, it helps to keep the wearer cool in the heat. It also prevents perspiration from coming into contact with the firearm, which can be harmful to the gun’s finish.

7.It’s compatible with add-on pouches for carrying accessories such as your phone, IDs or spare magazines: Our PT series holsters are compatible with useful holster accessories that are designed for carrying spare magazines, IDs or your phone. The PT-ONE itself already comes with an integrated spare magazine pouch. For the PT-2 holsters we offer spare magazine pouches (in standard and subcompact sizes). It is always a good idea to carry extra ammo; a spare mag may be all that stands between you and an empty chamber.

8.Is the PT-ONE too large for your tastes? If so, consider the smaller PT-2 Concealment Holster or call us for our advice: If the PT-ONE is too large for you, consider the PT-2 Concealment Holster which you can find via the link listed above. It was designed to offer many of the features that the PT-ONE offers and is better suited for smaller-framed shooters. In addition, we also offer a Pistol Wear concealment holster designed specifically for women, the Lady Defender Concealment Holster. All Pistol Wear holsters can be adjusted to fit larger waisted individuals with the use of our belt extensions. Depending on your needs for casual carry, we offer a solution.

The PT-ONE Concealed Carry Holster is compatible with a wide range of clothing and not just “concealment clothing”. It can be comfortably worn with a T-shirt and running shorts or other athletic clothing. It is a gun holster for running that is designed for both comfort and practicality.

To learn more about the carry options we make practical with our different styles of holsters, visit the links to some of our product pages or reach out to us directly. We appreciate hearing from our valued customers and would be happy to answer any questions you have - contact us at 1-918-289-2976.