Traditional Problems in Female Holsters and How We Addressed Them

16th Feb 2021

As more and more women become first-time gun owners, and more and more of them choose to carry a firearm for self-defense, the need for specially-designed female holsters becomes more important.

It’s been done in the past, but unfortunately, many of the so-called “female gun holsters” of yesterday looked nice and made big promises but fell short on delivery.

Here were some of the biggest problems associated with them as well as how we solved them with the development of our innovative, Lady Defender Concealment Holster.

●Did not properly secure the firearm: There have been a slew of holsters designed over the past several years (and longer) that are self-styled as specifically made for women. Many of these holsters take the form of belly bands and are attractively and elegantly styled with fabric and lace. However, a big issue with this type of holster is that it does not properly secure the firearm, often allowing it to move or shift within the compartment that contains it. When worn and adjusted properly, a holster should not allow any movement (or very little movement) of the firearm within it, as is the case with all of the holsters for sale on our website.

●Allowed access to the trigger through the fabric: In addition to the fact that many past designs have allowed the firearm to shift or move within them, a bigger issue was the fact that their flimsy construction allowed access to the trigger through the exterior fabric. This is a critical flaw that should not be accepted in any holster and a huge infraction on safety. The Lady Defender Concealment Holster, like our other concealment holsters, contains a rigid outer wall that completely eliminates any outside contact with the firearm.

●Shifting, rolling, or other undue movement on the body: Many of the belly bands that have been designed over the years, for both men and women, were prone to rolling or shifting on the body, even without the influence of hard exertion. This is not only dangerous but highly inconvenient. The Lady Defender, like our other holsters, will not shift, roll or move on your body when it is adjusted properly to an individual’s measurements.

●Too much emphasis on form, not enough on function: While the Lady Defender is accented with subtle lacing, we’ve kept the main emphasis of our female holster on functionality and never compromise on security.

●No room for vital accessories: Some other holsters that have been designed for women are not modular and don’t allow room for accessories. Not only has the Lady Defender Concealment Holster been specifically designed to accommodate trigger-guard mounted laser sights, but we also offer extra magazine pouches and other accessories for sale that are compatible with this model and our other holster models.

Other Issues Addressed by Our Holsters

The Lady Defender wasn’t the only holster designed by Pistol Wear that has improved your ability to choose a concealment holster with a superior design. Our other concealment holsters, like the PT-ONE and PT-2 solve some of the following problems.

●Bouncing, rolling, and flopping while running: Both the PT-ONE and PT-2 Concealment Holsters were designed to ride comfortably on the body, even under exertion. A common problem with other so-called “running holsters” and belly bands is that they bounced, flopped, rolled, or shifted on the body when the wearer was running, jogging, biking, or otherwise involved in physical activity. That’s not the case with our concealment holsters; we’ve completely solved this problem.

●Not comfortable: Because of the aforementioned issue, many other concealment holsters are not quite designed with comfort in mind. While security takes precedence over comfort, we’ve managed to offer models that provide both. Our concealment holsters are made with durable, soft, comfortable materials of the highest quality that fit snugly and comfortably on the body.

●Not capable of accepting accessories: Just like the same problem with female holsters, many other concealment holsters do not offer extra storage space and are not compatible with add-ons or accessories. Not only does the PT-ONE come with an integrated extra magazine pouch, but both it and the PT-2 are also compatible with our holster accessories which include spare magazine and cell-phone pouches.

●A tendency to print the firearm: Finally, a common issue with concealment holsters is that they either print themselves or print the firearm. All of our concealment holsters have a low profile and won’t give themselves away, but they take this a step further by including a rigid outer wall that does not display the profile of the firearm. This enhances not only discretion but also security, as it prevents outside contact with the firearm.

Visit our collection of concealment holsters via the links above, and if you want to learn more about the practical, thoughtful features of our holsters, read our customer reviews or give us a call. You can reach us at 1-918-289-2976.