Women Shooters


Many women have found it difficult to find a carry solution that is comfortable as well as being practical. There are several feminine-styled holsters on the market but many of them are just not practical or even comfortable for extended use. Our holster design team includes experienced female shooters that understand exactly what is required for a comfortable women's concealment holster. Our gun holsters for women have been tested and proven with women with over 10 years of product feedback and improvement.   

For general carry use we recommend our female designed Lady Defender holster to be used for handguns that are between 5.25 and 6.5 inches in overall length. Our PT-2 holster is a great choice for women that need to carry a handgun when out exercising. If a very small handgun (5.25" or shorter in length) is going the be carried, the MINI Trump Card Holster will be the best option for both general carry and exercise.  

The Trump Card Subcompact holstershown on this page in the nude color, is a classic Pistol Wear design that women have enjoyed for years as a general carry option.  Picture shown includes an accessory extra magazine pouch..

If you have questions that are specific to women's concealed carry, Amie, our resident specialist in women's carry concerns and options will be happy to answer your questions.  She can be reached at atuggle@pistolwear.com